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[Bits + Olympic Playoff Thread] Elimination day for the minnows

A four-game slate sets up Wednesday's quarterfinals.

Thomas Pock defends.
Thomas Pock defends.

Tuesday at the Olympics is playoff (or "play-in"?) day for the eight teams that did not earn byes to the quarterfinals, beginning with Austria vs. Slovenia, who broke out to a 2-0 first-period lead on the team with two New York Islanders in the tournament.

The full slate (all times Eastern Standard):

3-5:30 a.m. -- Austria vs. Slovenia, NBCSN, SNET, TVA (French), NBC LiveExtra Online
7:30-10 a.m. -- Norway vs. Russia, NBCSN, CBC, TVA (French), NBC LiveExtra Online
12-2:30 pm -- Latvia vs. Switzerland, MSNBC, Ici Télé (French), NBC LiveExtra Online
12-2:30 pm -- Slovakia vs. Czech Republic, NBCSN, CBC, TVA (French), NBC LiveExtra Online

That's your viewing. Here are some reads for your Tuesday: