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Islanders News: Nielsen injury; last of the Coliseums; Jesse Graham save

I suppose there's still Le Colisée.

Say it ain't so.
Say it ain't so.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It won't be long before New York Islanders fans are forced to ponder the final season at Nassau Coliseum in 2014-15, but there is another classic and banner-touting Coliseum on its last legs: The Northlands [well they call it something else these days] Coliseum in Edmonton has long been on death watch, and yesterday it was served final notice.

Its $480 million downtown Edmonton replacement was green lighted, with construction expected to begin next month and completion in 2016, one year after the Islanders' debut season in Brooklyn.

Which once-proud blue and orange franchise, I wonder, will be on better footing when it moves to its new digs?

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