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On second thought: Lee to face Player Safety hearing for hit on Blues' Gunnarsson. UPDATE: Fine, no suspension

No penalty then, but a meeting now.

Not good.
Not good.
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Update: Anders Lee was fined for his his on Carl Gunnarsson in the Islanders 6-4 loss to St. Louis on Saturday, per the NHL's Department of Player Safety:

As for why the DOPS took nearly three days to decide that, yes, in fact, they did want to see Mr. Lee in the principal's office, Greg Wyshynski of Puck Daddy quoted a source saying it was due to a "miscommunication" and not just a change of mind.

According to the department, it was a miscommunication. Some members felt the issue was put to bed on Saturday with no hearing, but department head Stephan Quintal has the option to call a hearing right up until the New York Islanders play again on Tuesday night. So it's possible he hadn't made up his mind.

In any event, Lee - now a few bucks lighter in the wallet - will be in the Islanders line-up tonight for their game against the Wild in Lee's home state of Minnesota.

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Islanders forward Anders Lee will have a sit-down with the NHL's Department of Player Safety today for a hit he laid on St. Louis defenseman Carl Gunnarsson in Saturday's 6-4 loss to the Blues.

As of this morning, it appeared Lee would not face supplemental discipline for the hit, which forced Gunnarsson out of the game with what has now been classified as a concussion. But at some point during the day, someone must have changed their mind.

At 7:15 of the second period, Gunnarsson pinched in to retrieve the puck in the Islanders' zone and bent a little as he forced the puck forward. Lee skated towards Gunnarsson and hit him in the head with a forearm or elbow. Gunnarsson remained on the ice for a minute while being attended to. No penalty was called on the play, and Gunnarsson left the game with an upper body injury.

Here's the gif version:


Lee clearly hits Gunnarsson, although it could be argued that he's trying to get in front of the defenseman rather than simple maliciousness. Lee has no history of prior transgressions with the DOPS, and has a total of 27 penalty minutes in his 45 game career.

Lee, a part of the Islanders "Kid Line" with Ryan Strome and Brock Nelson, has five goals and an assist in 21 games this season. Gunnarsson has already been ruled out of tonight's Blues home game against Florida. The Islanders are in Minnesota tomorrow night.

It's not hard to see why Lee would be called into Stephane Quintal's office for the hit, but the timing - and initial reluctance - will raise some eyebrows.