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New York Islanders Tea Leaves: Strome on the 4th, injury non-info, Donovan chronicles

Some highlights from Arthur Staple's Q&A with Isles fans before the road trip.

Happy Frans.
Happy Frans.
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The only traveling external beatwriter covering the New York Islanders, Arthur Staple of Newsday, is on the road as the team travels to Minnesota and St. Louis this week. Before he departed, he solicited questions from Isles fans via Twitter.

For the Twitter-phobic, or the "I'm at work, can you summarize?" set, here is a sampling of his responses. These are just a few highlights; check his timeline (@StapeNewsday) for all the topics and quips.

How High Can Brock Nelson Go?

Matt Moulson high. No pun intended.

On Brooklyn

Can we pretend the last two years haven't happened? No.

Can We Have Jagr?


How is Matt Donovan Holding Up?

Pretty well, given the Great Long Scratch era.

Can Strome Join the Top Line Already?

Don't see it happening.

They Hate Strome, Don't They

I saw Ryan Strome on the fourth line in practice. Why? Why! Why would they put a good player on the fourth line as they face three top opponents this week? (P.S. Regular fourth-line center Casey Cizikas is injured, so...)

What is Johnny Boychuk's Prognosis?

The NHL: It's not an info-sharing kind of league. Hide under HIPAA.

Similar stuff on Travis Hamonic.

Add More Guys? What's up with Pulock?

Are These Q&A's Less Crazy at 19-8?

Our Beatwriter Has Low Battle Level!

Nonsense. Lots of info and opinions therein, particularly for a guy heading on a plane with a Thomas Pock-level laptop. #beatwriterlife. Check his timeline (with replies) for more. Debate, berate, relate below.