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Islanders News Bits: We see you there, Blown Three-Goal Lead. You can't hide.

But if you're offering two points...

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Keep your head up.
Keep your head up.
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I didn't watch last night's game and was out most of the day appliance shopping, so I never got a chance to tell the story of my favorite Islanders-Caps game at Nassau Coliseum. And since I have no desire to rehash another blown lead, I'll tell it here.

It was 1997 or 1998. I've spent an hour trying to find a recap but I can't. Anyway, it's the Olaf Kolzig/Ron Wilson era of the Caps and some piece of garbage era for the Islanders it doesn't really matter.

Both teams come out for the third period and Kolzig notices something weird; a steady stream of water flowing out from under one of the moorings holding his net up. It's not a trickle, either. It's like a faucet was turned on under the ice and they can't turn it off.

They move the net and the geyser gets even worse. The refs and ice crew try covering the hole with snow and blasting it with a fire extinguisher, which seems to slow it down, but noting really stops it.

Meanwhile, Kolzig is resting on his net, talking to the guys and Wilson is on the bench with his arms out, silently (and unsilently) asking what the hell is going on. As time goes by, Kolzig is visibly pointing and making the case that he can't play goal with a inches-deep puddle of water in his crease.

The refs eventually slow the flow down and come to a decision; The teams will switch sides after ten minutes so that each has to play half the period in the messed up net. I don't remember much of a protest from the Islanders or Tommy Salo and sure enough, after ten minutes, a horn sounded and the teams swapped creases.

I don't remember the score but I'm pretty sure the Capitals won. I can still picture Ollie the Goalie with his helmet up pointing with his catching glove towards Salo as if to say, "His crease isn't under water. What gives?"

You kinda had to be there, but I'm gonna bet someone reading this probably was.

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