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Christmas Eve Bits: Canadiens come bearing Price, frankincense and coal.

Bah le humbug.

Too much of this.
Too much of this.
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Merry Christmas to all of you from all of us. We hope Santa Clause puts whatever you want under your tree tonight, although I don't know if anyone has a tree big enough to fit a new back-up goaltender or special teams coaches for the Islanders. But, hey, miracles happen.

Islanders links

  • Recaps of a turd in the eggnog: LHH | Newsday on all the corsis | Daily News | | Islanders | EOTP's rapid reaction | Eric Hornick's Skinny
  • Jaroslav Halak's maintenance day had him in street clothes last night, sending all Islanders fans into a tizzy. Cappy says he OK. [Newsday]
  • And just like that, Kevin Poulin returns to the North Pole, aka Bridgeport.

  • The Islanders commemorate a heartwarming Christmas classic: that time all those Santas brawled at the Coliseum. [Twitter]
  • And other classic, just for fun: our post from last year on the Islanders 1979 Christmas album. Sing it, Chico.
  • Developer Ed Blumenfeld talks about the next Coliseum, including fielding some weird questions about the Islanders. [LI Business News]

Around the league

  • International players, including Michael Grabner, talk about their Christmas traditions. [NHLPA]
  • SBN's Power Rankings have the Islanders at 7 again, but a few teams are moving on up.
  • Mike Smith has had a bad, bad season. [Puck Daddy]
  • Also in Arizona, Andrew Barroway has about a week to finalize his purchase of the Coyotes. I'm sure everything is fine. [Slam]
  • Yesterday was the last night of Hanukkah, so if you were going to send any of these NHLers a present, you're too late. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Blues Christmas video is a Home Alone spoof featuring their mascot and two poor stand-ins for Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci. [Blues]

Friend and Flames fan Ruhee (formerly of Matchsticks and Gasoline) took in the game last night and Instagrammed this cool time lapse picture.

I took a hyperlapse of the Islanders because hockey is neat.

A video posted by Ruhee on Rails (@ruhee_) on