Metro Forwards 5v5 Charts according to possession and P/60 stats

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This first chart is of Islanders forwards as of 12/17/14. The Y-axis of this chart is basically how well each forward has done in Corsi-possession. It is more sustainable and less fluky than the X-axis, which is points-per-60, especially at this point in the season.

Both of these charts are minimum of 20 games played per forward.... Size of bubble is total 5v5 TOI so far this season.

Here is the direct link, but the chart should be pretty clear, below.

Things to note from this chart:

- Kulemin is hiding under Cizikas and Martin.

- The best possession forwards appear to be Lee and Grabovski, followed by Clutterbuck, Strome, and Nielsen.

- I believe Lee and Strome were about even before Strome's few games on the 4th line. He did okay there, but not as well as he did with Lee. (Strome's CF% is 48.7% with Martin, 54.5% without Martin... Boulton dragged them both down, briefly, if I remember correctly.)

- No one is much below zero on Y-axis, among these 12 Islanders forwards.... Also, no one is below 0.80 on X-axis for points-per-60.... This makes it difficult to choose who to scratch when these 12 plus Grabner are all healthy. (Which has been rare.)

- Conacher would be around -7 on the Y-axis, Boulton around -35 (I kid you not, though very small sample size), and Grabner around -11 (another small sample size, and Grabner's been fine with possession through his career).

Note on the following chart that every other team has multiple forwards with 20+ games-played who have had poor 5v5 numbers.

Best to view the following chart at THIS LINK. This is the same chart, but with all Metro forwards. Best viewed on a computer, but still some players are hidden. I move some NYI forwards along the X-axis so that they would be more visible.... Also, the following players I moved because they were extreme outliers (so that the middle of the chart would be more clear):

For P/60, Strome should be 3.26. Rick Nash should be 4.00.

For Y-axis, Raffl should be 16.8. Voracek should be 13.4.

And for bottom of Y-axis, Vandevelde should be -15, Boll -17.7, and Chaput -15.8.

From this chart, note that:

- The players in upper right have been the most effective at 5v5, both driving possession and scoring at 5v5. (Voracek and Strome, most noticeably, but also Rick Nash too, who should be way farther to the right (4.00).... Even though his possession numbers are subpar, he's more than made up for it by scoring 5v5 goals.

- The players in lower left have been least effective at 5v5 hockey. Note that Isles have no one in the lower left. Martin, Cizikas, and Kulemin have been the "worst," according to these measurements, and each of them has been fine. (Basically Isles have not had a 4th line, especially lately, but also in these first part of the season as a whole.)

- And much of the reason Isles haven't had a subpar 4th line, as most teams do, is because of Clutterbuck.... As you can see, he's somewhere around 10th-15th, according to Corsi stats, among Metro forwards.... The Flyers are the only Metro team who have had three forwards better in terms of Corsi possession than Cal.

- Does it surprise you that Raffl is the top corsi possession forward in the Metro? He's had a 17.0 CorsiOn (so PHI have outshot opponents by 17 shots per-60 with Raffl on the ice), he has a moderate 54% ZoneStarts, and his QualComp is higher than his quality-of-teammates: 2.9 to 1.0.

- As expected, Raffl's WOWYs are consistently great. His top-5 according to TOI:

55.3% with Giroux, Giroux is 51.6% without him.

58.5% with Voracek, Voracek is 52.7% without him.

53.2% with Streit, Streit is 46.5% without him.

46.8% with Grossman, Grossman is 41.3% without him.

59.9% with NSchultz, Schultz is 45.4% without him.

(Next three are defensemen who are also about 10%-15% points better with Raffl than without: DelZotto, AMac, LSchenn.)

The WOWYs are similar for the top NYI forwards on this chart, but not as pronounced, because PHI have some crummy 5v5 forwards (Rinaldo, Umberger, Vandevelde) whereas NYI do not.... So the "without" numbers are going to be more solid for NYI in general.

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