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[Video] Legends of Al Arbour, in the Words of Those He Coached

"If you can't even give me 80 minutes a week..."

In the simplest of terms, for a multitude of reasons, this site would not exist if Al Arbour never came along. (You can argue something similar about the New York Islanders franchise itself...but certainly there would be no Lighthouse Hockey without a love affair stirred by this legendary coach.)

So if you missed this video from the MSG+ broadcast the other night, we encourage you to check it out.

It's tribute and stories about the man himself, from the players who came to "love" him, kind of, once they realized the outcomes behind his methods. Interviewed players include familiar legends like Denis Potvin, Clark Gillies (who speaks of how Arbour knew how to get Potvin riled up) and Pat Lafontaine, as well as Darius Kasparaitis, Jude Drouin, Dave Lewis (who tells the famous egg story) and Jean Potvin (who tells the famous "80 minutes a week" story).

As Denis Potvin noted, how many players could say they had the same NHL coach for 13 consecutive years? Only great players, on a great team, playing for a great coach.

Watch the feature above or at this direct link on the Islanders' official site.