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Islanders News: Officially a slump

Ermigerd, 19-10 is the worst!

"My shadow's shedding skin..."
"My shadow's shedding skin..."
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

With a 6-3 loss that unraveled late, the New York Islanders now have a three-game losing streak. They've done that before, and broken it against a tough team. They'll have to try it again against the Chicago Blackhawks Saturday.

I was at the game last night. I met a lot of very cool Islanders fans, several of whom traveled from Long Island for the occasion. More on all that later.

Islanders Reads
  • Last night didn't start well and didn't end well. Can we just take the middle? [LHH] Capuano was upset with the puck (mis)management. [Newsday] And the being too individualistic. (Communist!) [Isles]
  • After blowing the two-goal lead, the Blues talked of "getting pucks deep," "avoiding turnovers," and "letting their foot off the gas." They're just like us! [stltoday] Oh, and "structure." [NHL]
  • Hey, if you fancy any Lighthouse Hockey-designed t-shirts -- thank you to everyone who made us SB Nation's top store in November -- our vendor offers free shipping today only. See the code here. Our entire share of proceeds goes directly to dementia research in the name of Al Arbour.
  • This is an analysis of the Leafs penalty killing (under Greg Cronin) the previous two seasons. [Maple Leaf Hot Stove] I've been working on a post that focuses on one aspect that irks me -- not the zone entries/concessions, but the one "roaming forward" while the second forward stays anchored to the high slot. In my opinion, it concedes way too much time and space.
  • The Isles visited Levittown. [Patch]
  • Kevin Czuczman, pronounced with an urchman because he likes to get funky, is getting a feel for the pro game. [CT Post]
  • Jiggs McDonald talks the Isles and the Coliseum. If you don't love Jiggs, we can't be friends. [New$12]
Beyond the Loss