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[Battle Level Report] New York Islanders 1, Arizona Coyotes 0: Nielsen winner seals Halak's first Isles shutout

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Anytime you win 1-0, you got a lotta battle.

Just pretend this was Glendale, and Halak.
Just pretend this was Glendale, and Halak.
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Jaroslav Halak got his first shutout as a New York Islander in a 1-0 win in Arizona to finish a 3-2 road trip that began with a blowout loss in Denver five games ago. Halak must've had pleasant flashbacks to his days with the Blues, as his suddenly stingy defense helped him by allowing only 19 shots through.

The Isles outplayed a team they should outplay, the penalty kill held up (nine shots allowed on almost 10 minutes of 4-on-5), and Frans Nielsen scored with just 2:30 left in the game for the only goal.

Here is our immediate post-game reaction thread, battle-level style. (Full recap to come later.)

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Battle Level Report

HAHD: Frans and Grabbo. The two combined on the late winner, a dagger into the Coyotes' collapse-and-pray approach that almost worked..

SMAHT: Jaroslav Halak knows how to handle 19-save shutouts.

WARRIORS: The league's laughingstock PK goes 5-for-5, continuing what it showed in SoCal.

PASSENGERS: Boychuk -- where was that guy tonight? Oh, he was hurt. Brian Strait took his place, had some tough early moments, and took two penalties in the third.

OVERALL BATTLE LEVEL: High. Cappy happy. We played the way we needed to play.

Road Battlin'

Game Highlights