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Islanders Gameday News: I been through the desert on a team with a new name

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Come home strong.

Don't make any sudden moves near a hungry Coyote
Don't make any sudden moves near a hungry Coyote
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FIG picks for tonight's game against the now more generally inclusive Arizona Coyotes can be made here. Game time is 8 pm.

Islanders links

  • Their western road trip has seen the Islanders tighten up a few areas of concern and the result has been better play. [Newsday]
  • Miss any of Arthur Staple's impromptu Twitter Q&A? We've got the biggest bits covered here.
  • Ryan Strome might not have any goals this season, but he knows that it's the team's record that matters. [NHLPA]
  • garik's Neutral Zone breakdown for Game 12 against the Ducks. [Islander Analytics]
  • Recently drafted goalie Ilya Sorokin talks about the KHL, his improvements and what the immediate future holds. [The Hockey Writers]
  • The Islanders Ice Girls and ol' Sparky stop by schools in Northport. []
  • Bridgeport's penalty kill has been firing on (all four?) cylinders lately. [Soundin' Off]
  • And a Sound Tigers notes before their weekend games. [Soundin' Off]
  • A few weeks old, but a nice, lyrical overview of the Islanders' move to Brooklyn. I agree with the feeling that Nassau's aversion to any urbanization at all has not only caused the Islanders to leave, and I feel it's kept the county in suspended animation forever. [Thought Catalog]

Other News

  • What kind of bonehead team would leave themselves just, literally, $160 short of cap space to make a call-up with a possible injury looming before tonight's game? Oh, the Kings? Hm. [LA Kings Insider]
  • Raw Charge examines the inimitable goaltending style of our wizened comrade Evgeni Nabokov.
  • Jen LC on the lies goalies tell. [Puck Daddy]
  • Point: The NHL should change the names of its awards to modernize them for newer fans. [ESPN]
  • Counterpoint: That's a really goddamn stupid idea, Pierre. [Greatest Hockey Legends]
  • The Coyotes' out-clause - the one that allows them to leave Glendale if they lose x-amount of money over y-amount of years - will be a hot button issue until they either stop bleeding or just move already. Only four years to go. [Five for Howling]
  • Justin Schultz's learning curve has apparently dropped off the bottom of the chart. He's actively not helping the Oilers with his repertoire of moves dubbed "Jultzing" by the folks at Copper & Blue. Here, Schultz goes full Triple Lindy.
  • Brendan Shanahan writes a letter to his younger self. "Beware Hartford." [Players Tribute]
  • If they're going put ads on jerseys, let's hope they have some fun by matching the appropriate logos on the right teams. Eyes on the Prize is on the case: Eastern Conference | Western Conference
  • Weekends this fall, enroll your kids in the Mark Messier Leadership Camp for Bald Children That Will Take a Lot of Money to Destroy Canadian franchises (it's old, but whatever).