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Report: Leggio legislation puts kibosh on net-knocking bail out maneuver

Beat it! It's the Fun Police!

Bridgeport Sound Tigers goalie David Leggio was a very popular man this week after word of his quick decision to knock the net off of its moorings to break up a 2-on-0 spread around the hockey world.

The video of the sequence, uploaded by Lighthouse Hockey community member EvaanM, has over a million views and the affable Leggio made appearances over the last few days on popular outlets such as the Marek vs Wyshynski podcast and Sportsnet's Hockey Central. His evasive action was analyzed, celebrated, lambasted, defended and enjoyed.

Well, the American Hockey League has had just about enough of that nonsense, young man.

As reported on Twitter today by TSN NHL insider Darren Dreger, the AHL has amended its rules to assess a game misconduct to any goalie who purposely dislodges the net during play. But wait there's more:

So, that's that then. Knock the net off to get a whistle and a penalty shot and you'll be tossed from the game while your back-up comes in and faces a shooter of the other team's choosing. Face down two members of the opposition without any defensemen to help and you'll need to use some other tricks to keep the puck out of the net.

We still salute David Leggio and his awesome, hilarious, quick-thinking troll move. It will forever live in our memories.