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Islanders News: If you ain't cheatin', you ain't tryin', son.

David Leggio: Super Genius. Vladimir Tarasenko: Ranger Killer.

You're OK, man.
You're OK, man.
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Islanders News:

  • If you spent five minutes on the internet yesterday, you probably heard about David Leggio's sly maneuver for getting out of a 2-on-0. It was pretty cool. [LHH | Puck Daddy | The Hockey News | Deadspin | SB Nation among many, many others]
  • Jaroslav Halak has had enough of losing and the Islanders flew his goalie coach out to California to help out. [Newsday]
  • The Islanders changed up lines at practice yesterday and many declared the season over and the world about to end because that's what people do. [@StapeNewsday]
  • Commenter PennSt92 gives us his 30 Thoughts on the Islanders as November begins. [Fanpost]
  • A trip back to Nassau Coliseum made me reminisce about an experience from my past. [LHH]
  • The Islanders Insight guys look at the Islanders numbers through two games and see a lot to like.
  • Don't fear November. [IslesTalk]
  • Point Blank's podcast discusses the Islanders' road problems.
  • Yes, you can buy Cal Clutterbuck's used equipment bag. [Barry Melrose Rocks]
  • The big club rounds up the prospect's weekends. [Islanders Official]
  • Third String Goalie takes a look back at old favorite Pat LaFontaine.
  • And Eric Hornick revisits Al Arbour's very special 1,500th game behind the Islanders bench. [NYI Skinny]

Tarasenko Downs the Rangers

You may have heard, Vladimir Tarasenko is a fun-to-watch player. Last night he single-handedly beat five Rangers for a goal, then beat them in the shootout for a win. As a bonus, the Blues exhibited a spell of Islanders-vs-Colorad defense:

The live version was something to behold (and in truth, started with Brian Elliott getting drawn out of the net).

Anyway, here was Tarsenko's goal. (And here are parallel broadcasts from both teams if you please.) Why draw up zone entry plays when you can do it all yourself?

Beyond the Echo Chamber

  • Oilers captain Andrew Ference was suspended three games for hitting Vancouver's very hitable Zack Kassian. [Copper 'n Blue]
  • Barry Trotz is already talking tough with the Capitals. Does any of that coachspeak even matter? [Japers Rink]
  • Sorry, Central Park won't be hosting an outdoor NHL game. How about Chicago? [Sports on Earth]
  • 20 questions with a name we miss around the rink, former ref Don Van Massenhoven. [National Post]
  • When you think of longtime Dallas Stars, do you think of Trevor Daley? You should. The 30-year old defenseman has seen the Stars go through many changes since 2002. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Hurricanes let seven million dollar man Alex Semin sit on the bench and Justin Bourne says they were 100% correct. [The Score]
  • When scrums break out, I always look for the guys on the ice who want no part of it. Drew Doughty and Niklas Kronwall are two such players and their meeting is very sweet. [Copper n Blue]

This is outstanding. More please.