Pennst92’s 30 Thoughts: Islanders version, with a hat tip to the great Elliotte Friedman.

Miss this guy. - Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Leering with a predatory gaze, the month of November opens with a frigid gust to remind the faithful of Novembers past. Frans, in your mercy, offer us shelter from the storm.

1- A team is never really as good as they look in the midst of a winning streak, nor as bad in the throes of a losing streak. Unless they're the '72 Dolphins or the '62 Mets.

2- Within one week, Isles go from the toast of the NHL, to middle of the pack. Losing 3 in a row will do that in October.

3- As November rears its ugly head, I'll posit that it will not systematically destroy the Isles playoff dreams, merely help determine where they are seeded.

4- I have to sympathize with Cappy a bit, as the first weeks saw the loss of Grabovski for 3 games, followed by the loss of Bailey for the foreseeable future.

5- The above said, this team has the type of depth that should overcome those losses, and it's up to the coach to find the right mix.

6- I suspect the return of Grabner, whenever that might be, will help the penalty kill a bit, but I also believe that the issue is not personnel.

7- Jaro Halak's problem with teams going high shoulder is déjà vu all over again.

8- Is it telling that the Isles now have 36 goals for and 39 goals against?

9- While the team has played poorly recently, they are still ahead of the Rangers. For now.

10- There are times a young team needs a different voice to push them to the next level. Now is not the time...but it may be rapidly approaching.

11- With the prior in mind, Dan Bylsma has a resume worth looking at, as well as ties to the Island.

12- To the point above, with Snow's ties to the northeast, its more likely Mahty Reasoner's the next Isle's coach than Bylsma.

13- It is this humble scribe's opinion that the Isles are better served with Brock Nelson as a center and Ryan Strome on the top line's wing.

14- Maybe John Tavares has lost a step. Nah.

15- The defense passed the ‘eyeball' test the other night against the Sharks. If they play like that every night, the team will win far more than they lose.

16- Jet lag in Colorado? Seriously, the Avalanche looked like they were skating rings around the Isles.

17- The power play's stall has coincided with the recent lack of success. It is the rare winning team that has bad special teams...though, in fairness, I think the power play will improve.

18- Peter Laviolette's philosophy would have been a good fit for the way this team is constructed, at least until his coaching style caused irreparable damage in the locker room.

19- Hamonic's quote regarding the pressbox (everyone up there think's they should score 50) was a testament to how much he'd rather be playing than sitting.

20- Lubimir Viznovsky's return has been a pleasant surprise. Here's to a healthy year for the resident ‘old man' on the blueline.

21- The fourth line usage reminds me of the Fourth Period trade rumors site. Unbelievable. There's something to be said about striking while the iron's hot - not a bad idea to send your best players out to take a center ice draw after a goal.

22- Hat tip to Matt Carkner. As a hockey player, he is what he is, but I never celebrate a player's injury. Tough guy, good teammate. I suspect he will move on after this season.

23- The Isles inability to play a complete 60 minutes is both puzzling and troubling.

24- An old adage about winning 2 out of 3 at home and going .500 on the road is a recipe for success. Isles aren't there yet.

25- Shannon Hogan's brought a bit of verve to the Islander's broadcasts, and is more than the typical ESPN sideline female reporter.

26- Cory Conacher may have been demoted, but was there any doubt his best usage would be on the fourth line?

27- That said, Matt Martin with Anders Lee and Ryan Strome is, uh, interesting.

28- It should be said yet again: thoughts and prayers to Al Arbour and his family. Dementia is a terrible sickness.

29- The great thing about hockey is that the time between games is short enough to whet the appetite after a win, but long enough to cool down the angst after a loss.

30- As frustrating as losing is, it is in times of adversity that the true character of a team shows through. We'll see how this team responds.

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