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Islanders Gameday News: Shake it off, shake it off, off off

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Swiftly, please.

No, I said right foot "red." Not "ref."
No, I said right foot "red." Not "ref."
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

FIG picks for tonight's home against the Devils can be left here. Game time is 7 pm.

Islanders things

Out There

  • Anaheim acquired defenseman (and former Islander) Eric Brewer in a trade with the Lightning. [Raw Charge]
  • Did you miss the Oilers Black Friday players sale? Just wait for their next loss and they'll have another one. [LHH Zeitgeist]
  • Daniel Alfredsson will retire in Ottawa soon and Darren Dreger recounts the history and stories behind his career there. []
  • Teams in playoff position by Thanksgiving make the post season 77% of the time. It's that other 23% I'm worried about. [Associated Press]
  • Who were the best possession players of the last week? Some Islanders figure into the tables. [Eyes on the Prize]
  • Every black NHL jerseys ranked by Puck Daddy. The Islanders' lacrosse jerseys did not fare well.
  • Canadian writer doubts hockey's viability in the southern US. Crazy, I know. [Montreal Gazette]
  • The KHL has a new head of state: Olympic organizer Dmitry Chernyshenko takes over for angry Alexander Medvedev. [Associated Press]

Update: Oh my Tyler Ennis.