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Islanders News: Read this post or we'll shoot your new TV

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You can't afford not to buy these links.

"We're not leaving until you sell us two for one!"
"We're not leaving until you sell us two for one!"
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Americans -- and I don't know, maybe other consumer-products-driven societies -- are urged to rush to the stores today on what is known as "Black Friday," called such not because of some epic stock market crash, nor a persistent grime from a local mine or Dickensian industrial pall, but rather: if you do your patriotic duty and buy stuff, another angel gets his wings. Or his bottom line reaches the black. Something like that.

Now, the last thing we at Lighthouse Hockey Consolidated Industries would want to do is stand between you and your purchase of that automatic breadmaker Aunt Nell never knew she needed, or that TV that's at least 2.5 inches bigger than its predecessor and in any case better ties the room together.

But since you'd rather surf your mobile phone while elbowing people in line instead of talk to those same people, here are some hockey reads to keep you comfortable until the Islanders begin their rematch with the Capitals tonight at 5 p.m. EST in D.C. (On MSG the regular, no less.)

Shopping from Home

  • You may have heard this a time or five over the last week (and hopefully much more all winter), but the Islanders have the best record among New York pro sports teams (if you pretend that the MLS [demon syrup of some sort] team isn't in the league semifinals right now). The Wall Street Journal notices, giving at least a cursory nod to the 2006-07 season, which people forget was pretty good until around New Year's, much less so once Rick DiPietro #$%'d his hip that year. a playoff year, which I'd have made clear if I were halfway coherent. [WSJ]
  • What does an American hockey player do on U.S. Thanksgiving? Fields a call from the morning show on NHL Home Ice on XM. [Anders Lee mp3]
  • Denis Potvin is pleased with Garth Snow's moves and Garth Snow's moves are pleased to hear it. [Newsday]
  • Using historical data to compare players like Mike Bossy, Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux. That's like an HDTV, a Quasar, and a Hypocrite Cooke/Downie-Employing 2000 [THN]
  • FIG Picks: Leave your First Islanders Goal picks for tonight right this way next to the super sale TVs.

You Must Be Present to Buy

  • Just one game yesterday. Naturally the Oilers outplayed Nashville and even had an OT penalty shot (Jordan Eberle) yet still lost 1-0 in OT (Pekka Rinne on fire). You have to read the recap at Copper & Blue, where they've run out of levels of hell.
  • Fourth-line problems? The Jets got 'em, scratching a decent player in favor of a guy who plays a couple minutes a game. [Arctic Ice Hockey]
  • When asked about this afternoon's Flyers-Rangers tilt, Kevin Weekes says he likes the Blue Jackets. [NHL]
  • The league chose Pat LaFontaine and John Leclair to represent those two teams on the NHL's float in the Thanksgiving Day parade. Yep. [NHL]
  • The NHL suspended Dallas' Ryan Garbutt (huh huh, huh huh) two games for his kneeing on Taylor Hall. [DBD]
  • Adam Lowry was suspended just one game for boarding Patrick Kaleta because, come on, it's Patrick Kaleta. [NHL]
  • Daniel Alfredsson will say goodbye, officially, in Ottawa, this time without adding "by the way I'm gonna go play for another team in the division." [Sun]
  • Friends of Puck Daddy say what they're hockey thankful the Isles' resurgence. [Yahoo]
  • Since the Flames are likely to regress, should they trade Marc Giordano at his peak value? [One Puck Short]
  • Ron Tugnutt helps explain what, would you say, you (a goalie coach) do here. [Oilers Nation]
  • 3-on-3 overtime is a lot like pond hockey. [NYT]
  • As a reminder, legendary Blues goaltender and one-time Devil Martin Brodeur begins his PTO in St. Louis today. [stltoday]

Remember: You gotta spend money to save money.