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Black Friday Blowout sale on Oilers players expected to draw massive crowd of NHL general managers

Doorbuster event at Rexall Place begins today.

A Black Friday sale on Edmonton Oilers players may draw a sizable crowd of NHL general managers and scouts today, all looking to get great deals on high-end players.

Extra security precautions have been set up around the team's offices at Rexall Place for the "Here Come the Oilers" Sale, and staff have been given detailed instructions for dealing with a rush of frenzied NHL executives hoping to stock up on players before the holidays.

"We'll be ready for the mob," Oilers GM Craig MacTavish said. "We have been planning this Black Friday sale since October and we want to make the shopping experience as smooth as possible despite the tidal wave we're expecting."

A line for picking up discounted damaged goods will be set up outside the arena.

MacTavish says there will be different lines inside Rexall Place for the many available deals the Oilers are offering interested shoppers. On one end of the rink will be a display of compact, creative forwards, with the other end set aside for smooth skating but turnover-prone defenseman. Inconsistent goalies will be showcased at the team store, while bundles of bottom six forwards can be purchased at the will call window. A line for picking up discounted damaged goods will be set up outside the arena. And goons will be available throughout the store.

"We're open to negotiation," MacTavish said while stocking shelves with DVDs of exciting goals and first overall draft selections. "If there's a deal you want that you don't see on the floor, talk to an assistant manager and they'll be ready to listen.

"All offers will be considered. Everyone must go."

Business for Edmonton has been down this quarter, and the team is looking to recoup some earnings for the next period. A successful Black Friday sale could go a long way towards sustaining the Oilers for the rest of the season, but most likely won't reverse the decline they have experienced over the last eight years.

"There's a lot of competition out there now and just standing still isn't enough," MacTavish said. "We need to open our doors wide, put a big sign up and offer the best deals for the best prices."

MacTavish doesn't know exactly how many GMs, scouts or other hockey decision-makers will be shopping for Oilers players on Black Friday, but he's planning for a crush of thousands, just in case.

"We do expect trampling, fights and injuries among shoppers," he said. "But we'll work hard to make sure every general manager gets a fair chance at a good player. No one will leave empty-handed. Players, uniforms, seats, old trophies. We'll make a deal for anything."

MacTavish also announced that the Oilers will be out-of-stock on goalie coaches.


This is fake. The Oilers players have been available for quite some time for really intrepid shoppers. No coupons necessary.