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Islanders News: Jersey exchange; Bridgeport notes, Milbury zing, McAdam role

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Let's discuss these "menial" tasks on the way to steering a franchise into the ground, shall we?

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Reaction shots are the best.
Reaction shots are the best.
Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

The Islanders visited schools during Wednesday morning, because they are swell. This was the luckiest school.

Islanders Reads
  • Later at practice, Jack Capuano continued line tweaks (and Isles Twitter predictably freaked out). [IPB]
  • While ripping the Leafs, Mike Milbury inadvertently set up Bob McKenzie for the perfect zinger, which was cathartic to Islanders fans everywhere. [LHH]
  • The Isles should probably split goalie assignments on the back-to-back with the Penguins. This should not be controversial. [Islanders Insight]
  • Eamon McAdam lost the battle for Penn State #1 this season, but the team likes his attitude/approach to being the backup. [College Hockey News]
  • Bridgeport coach Brent Thompson discusses Chris Langkow, who goes way back with him to ECHL Alaska and two stints with the Sound Tigers. [CT Post]
  • Also in Bridgeport: No suspension for Brett Gallant, whose instigator was rescinded, and Griffin Reinhart is back from injury. [Soundin' Off]
  • Here are the Sound Tigers' favorite movies. [BST]
  • To highlight the Brooklyn thing, the Isles and Nets exchanged jerseys in the Nets pre-game. Here's the teaser and the promo video. [Nets]
  • Garik's neutral zone analysis of the thorough win over the Panthers. [Islanders Analytics]
Beyond the Isle
  • NEW: Jack Johnson is bankrupt, apparently led out of position astray by his own parents. [Dispatch]
  • Everybody loves Connor McDavid, who's amazing in case you haven't heard. [SB Nation longform]
  • Pascal Dupuis' blood clot will keep him out for months, the latest in a series of odd Penguins' health scares.
  • Trevor van Riemsdyk is out 3-4 months with a knee fracture for Chicago. [NHL]
  • After the Flyers lost to the Rangers last night, Ron Hextall ranted "behind closed doors" but within strategic earshot of team and media. [SB Nation]
  • Earlier, Claude Giroux will play, or he won't, or he will, or he did. [SB Nation]
  • In the other game, the Oilers did what the Oilers do against the Canucks. [Copper N Blue]
  • Another behind-the-scenes feature on NHL Department of Player Safety & It's OK to Knee Boychuk. [Times] They say more incidents happen in the first, headshots have gone down, but kneeing has gone up. You don't say?
  • The Randy Carlyle death watch is on. [Globe and Mail | NHL | ESPN | SBN | TSN]
  • From the other night: Two Jets, one puck. [SB Nation]
  • Oh, oh. A junior team's Arabian mascot has caused a stir. [CBS Sports]
  • In KHL, hats trick YOU. [Puck Daddy]
  • Recalling some of the worst seasons in NHL history, a list the Sabres will surely join. [Rolling Stone]

  • No Reason 'Cept Because