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Report: Bob McKenzie zings Mike Milbury over Islanders, hockey world high fives

Yeah, Bob? Well the jerkstore called...

Is that Dreger back there? No, don't turn around!
Is that Dreger back there? No, don't turn around!
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Bob McKenzie and Mike Milbury are both on the NBC Sports NHL intermission report, ostensibly to give their takes on the day's news. One guy is the venerable font of knowledge, scoops and truth that all hockey die hards listen to without reservation.

The other guy made his starting goalie cry at an arbitration hearing.

On Wednesday during the first intermission of the Rangers-Flyers game, the topic was the on-going 40-year tire fire in Toronto. In discussing Maple Leafs president Brendan Shanahan's role in fixing his club, Milbury mentioned that Shanahan ascended directly to his front office position without being a coach or general manager first. Milbury, jokingly, said he wished he had done that and never served in those "menial tasks."

That's when McKenzie dropped the hammer: "So do the New York Islanders."

And Twitter exploded.

A vine, captured by gifstress MyRegularFace, was posted quickly to Puck Daddy. Here's a better quality video by LHH reader Brett Borzooyeh.

Needless to say, "Uncle Bob" speaks for all of us - the tired, the poor, the huddled Islanders fan masses, yearning to breath free and watch a nationally broadcast hockey game without having to listen to the bloviating coach/general manager who helped mash their team into a laughing stock. Or one without the Rangers and/or Flyers, but that's another story.

Thanks, Bob.