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Islanders News: Tampa Turnabout; Scrape scrapped, Sabres and Sharks snowed

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Scrape this.

Well well well, the skate is on the other foot now, comrade.
Well well well, the skate is on the other foot now, comrade.
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Ugh. That Penguins game is Friday, with the rematch on Saturday? Why? That means an extra day to enjoy last night's win over the talented Lightning and worry about the even more talented Penguins.

Islanders links

  • Recaps of Revenge, Part II: Mission Tampa Bay: LHH | Newsday | NY Post | Daily News | Islanders | | Raw Charge | The Skinny from Eric Hornick
  • The looming return of Michael Grabner will mean big changes for the Islanders roster. [Newsday]
  • Evgeni Nabokov's unsuccessful return to Nassau Coliseum [Newsday] was an occasion to revisit the wit and wackiness of The Stan & Nabby Show.
  • Sadly, The Maven was MIA for Nabokov's post-game scrum. But the goalie talked wearily about the game and the crowd. [Isles TV]
  • The Islanders are among the most improved clubs by puck possession this season. [FanPost of TSN story]
  • Now isn't the right time for the team to make a trade. [The Hockey Writers]
  • Second periods have been the Sound Tigers bugaboo. [Soundin' Off]
  • Sparky and friends stop by St. James elementary school. [Patch]
  • HELP! Bleuchz has some season tickets he needs to unload ASAP. [FanPost]

Outside the Island

  • About a zillion feet of snow fell on Buffalo, but the all-important Sabres-Sharks game was still played for some reason. SBN on the dedicated crowd and on a very special guest that sadly never got a chance.
  • Arizona State will have a Division 1 hockey program soon and SB Nation College Hockey is all over the news.
  • We can now add "dry scrape" to "rover," "tie" and "make whole" as NHL terms we won't be hearing any more. The Board of Governors decided to axe the momentum-crushing pre-shootout cleaning. Goal reviews also got a make-over. [SB Nation]
  • Also from the meetings comes the news that Chris Pronger, current Flyers employee and member of the NHL's Department of Player Safety, can add "Hall of Famer" to his resume as soon as next season. [ESPN]
  • Speaking of next season, who else might be in? Lindros? Fedorov? Weight? [Puck Daddy]
  • Pierre LeBrun talks Pronger, Pat Burns and more Hall of Fame stuff. [Rumblings]
  • What if the big Hall in Toronto inducted players like Cooperstown does: with each player represented with only one team. [Down Goes Brown]
  • Inside the DOPS Batcave. [Star Tribune]
  • garik explores the "shell" defense in hockey and why it's a bad idea. [Hockey-Graphs]
  • Busting some Alex Semin myths. [Sports Illustrated]
  • A former OHL team owner says the league is unfairly making money off the backs of kids and leaving the ones who don't make the NHL without a lot of guidance. []
  • What will a new World Cup of Hockey look like? A little different than the last one. [Sportsnet]
  • It's not often that I can link to The AV Club here, but this video by the band Powernap is a montage of classic goalie fights and scuffles. [AV Club]

You've probably seen this by now, but whether you have or haven't, it's worth it. Few people can sermonize like Olbermann, but his reminiscence of an ailing Gordie Howe is truly touching.