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Islanders News: Lightning strike snaps streak, visit to The Professor, Pulock pulls the wagon

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Sunshine slop.

So graceful.
So graceful.
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Islanders news

Around the League

  • The shootout of last night's Penguins-Rangers game had more twists than an Elmore Leonard novel. [SB Nation]
  • Dallas' dynamic Valeri Nichushkin will miss four months after having hip surgery, something that won't help the Stars' season. [SB Nation]
  • Jordan Leopold goes from St. Louis to Columbus in a Saturday trade. [The Cannon]
  • Elliotte Friedman's 30 Thoughts has a lot of Vegas possibilities.
  • The top scorers adjusted for era contains some fun names, especially one dear to Islanders fans. [Copper and Blue]
  • Indy Spotify carpetbomber has a bunch of songs about NHLers. [Sporting News]

The teaser for Defector, the story of Alex Mogilny's trek from Soviet Russia to Buffalo. No, really, that was a step up. [Sportsnet]