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Jaroslav Halak Makes Neck Save vs Panthers

That's some Jedi nonsense right there.

"Is right here. Sometimes I park puck here."
"Is right here. Sometimes I park puck here."

I don't know if anyone who knew this play was going to video review could have imagined that New York Islanders goalie Jaroslav Halak possibly kept the puck from crossing the line. But he did.

Florida Panthers center Aleksander Barkov crept in from a bad angle and lifted the shot at Halak's blocker. It rolled up Halak's arm, on to his shoulder and then surely ... no. Halak pinned it against the crossbar with his neck. The overhead replay showed it disappear under the crossbar and travel no further.A

A few angles via @myregularface:

Halak froze there like a wasp was resting on his hsoulder, and after the whistle was blown and the coast was clear to move. So he pulled away to reveal where the puck had rested:

Halak neck save

"I got this."

The save preserved what was then a 2-1 lead early in the third period for the Islanders, who soon added an insurance goal. They'd need all of that, as the Panthers rallied to force a shootout, which the Isles won.

UPDATE: Halak on the Save