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Islanders News: We have the same haircut at the moment

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Le Gonchar!

Hands off the merchandise, punk.
Hands off the merchandise, punk.
Bruce Bennett

Islanders links

  • By being added to their line, bulldog Nikolay Kulemin has changed the way John Tavares and Kyle Okposo approach defense. [Newsday]
  • Mike culls the power rankings and finds the Islanders moving up the ladder(s). [LHH]
  • And pennst92 has his 30 Islanders Thoughts after a good few weeks of November. [FanPost]
  • This is so stupid, it could only happen to the Islanders: via an IslesBlog source, some fans have called to complain about the "Yes!" chants that have been going on after goals at Nassau Coliseum. Expect this is get a lot dumber before it's over.
  • Sound Tigers selections for what actors should play them in a movie. CJ Stretch is the hero we deserve. [BST]
  • Joshua Ho-Sang some BRASH AND CONTROVERSIAL opinions on Connor McDavid's injury that sound a lot like empathy and common sense. [Windsor Star]
  • McDavid's injury should mean some spotlight time for Strome the Younger to stake out his own path. []
  • Hockey's Future likes the Islanders junior prospects.


  • The Canadiens acquired ancient defenseman Sergei Gonchar from the Stars for grinder Travis Moen on Tuesday and I totally forgot to include it in yesterday's Bits because it was a Sergei Gonchar for Travis Moen trade. [Eyes on the Prize]
  • Talk About de Hand: McDavid's hand is officially fractured and he will be out 5-6 weeks, returning just in time for the World Juniors [NY Times]. | Star players like McDavid learn to live with the abuse they take on the ice [The Score] | But it's not about fighting [Puck Daddy] | It's about how stupid fighting is. I think. [Bleacher Report]. | When McDavid does return, he'll be fitted with an indestructible plastic bubble for his protection. [Zeitgeist]
  • The NHL has apparently decided who will own the future Las Vegas franchise and in true NHL form, it includes two known crooks, the villainous Maloof Brothers of Sacramento Kings infamy. This will turn out fine. [NY PostSB Nation]
  • A terrible update on Nathan Horton, whose degenerative back issues have him trapped between constant pain and a contract or no pain and no contract. [Dispatch]
  • Turns out being down three centers isn't a good idea. [The Cannon]
  • Not Hockey: players faking injuries to go on IR and open up roster spots for others? Get outta here! [Shutdown Corner]

An ESPN 30-for-30 short about Bruins tough guy John Wensink and one of his legendary fights against the Minnesota North Stars. (apologies for the autoplay)