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Islanders News: Avalanche autopsies; Roy remembers; Collberg creeping back; Stinger's zingers

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Uncle Leo?

They work better on the ice.
They work better on the ice.
Bruce Bennett

Islanders News:

Around the League

  • That terrifying sound you heard last night was the Eye of Sauron belching fire as the news spewn forth from Mount Doom: Connor McDavid got into a fight (gasp!) and seriously damaged his hand (double gasp!). The Uruk-Hai of the NHL rest uneasily today. [SB Nation]
  • This is some next level hook-and-lateral shit right here from the Capitals. [SB Nation]
  • "They don't want to get into a track meet with this team." You sure about that? [Momalytics]
  • Catch up with Dan Bylsma. []
  • Meanwhile, John Tortorella is helping dogs. [Sporting News]
  • Let's change the standings: Seven points for a regulation win [Matchsticks and Gasoline] and the AHL is doing it's part to bury the shootout [Puck Daddy]
  • Where were you when Steven Stamkos broke his leg in a matinee game against the Bruins? He is still affected by it, but not slowing down. []
  • NBC's obsession with the Sabres is hurting hockey fans. [Sporting News]
  • Maybe NBC will fill a future schedule with games from Las Vegas. It's getting closer. [Puck Daddy]
  • The cases for and against Daniel Alfredsson, Hall of Famer. [Down Goes Brown]
  • Meet Daniel Sprong, Charlottetown Islander and possible first round pick. []
  • Some background and concepts for the upcoming ECHL Batman vs Riddler game. []
  • ESPN once again attempts to cater to hockey fans and the Blue Jackets drop the hammer on them. LUMBUS doing the lord's work. [SB Nation]