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Battle Level Report: New York Islanders 6, Colorado Avalanche 0

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Isles Winning Streak Reaches Four

For the love of god, will someone cover 18?
For the love of god, will someone cover 18?
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It was a game of domination from beginning to end as the Isles got their revenge for a porly played 5-0 defeat at the Avalanche hands in October.  Jaroslav Halak picked up career win 150 and posted his second consecutive shutout which to my recollection, hasn't happened since forever. Casey Cizikas and Ryan Strome tallied their first goals of the season; part of six different goal scorers on the night.

Well, Jiggs has questions.

Vine from Isles Blog


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And now, some music to celebrate the Isles reaching ten (10) wins!

Battle Level Report

Our immediate post-game impressions, Battle Level style:

HAHD: Jamie McGinn.  More Hahd-headed with a lot of post-whistle garbage and a couple of bad penalties.  Cal Clutterbuck for giving everything on a PK breakaway, the 4th line with a hahd working goal for Casey Cizikas.

SMAHT: Johnny Boychuck for using the lively NVMC boards for a good rebound that negotiated it's way through everyone and eventually found Nick Leddy who drove it home for his 100th NHL point.

WARRIORS: Jaro Halak. He's real, and he's spectacular. The penalty kill.  Another three successful kills and plenty of pressure, shots, scoing chances and a shortie from Nikolay Kulemin.

DIDN'T GET THE BREAKS (whattya gonna do): The Avs. Lot's of bad bounces, but they really didn't help themselves either.  The score probably wasn't as bad as it could've been.

PASSENGERS: Scapewagon is in the shop.

OVERALL BATTLE LEVEL: Five fat Cappys with massive hair.

Game Highlights