Rule of FIG: First Islanders Goal picks at Lighthouse Hockey

"You know Dougie, it's not that we didn't play hahd, it's that I didn't FIG pick smaht." - Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Note: Leave FIG picks for the season opener over here.

Each season, for each game, we run a low-stakes contest to select the First Islanders Goal of a given game.

It's pretty easy to participate, it's not so easy to win. But we try to make it user friendly. Past season winners have received prizes such as total consciousness on their deathbed, statements of devotion from the Official Lighthouse Dog, and other non-taxable benefits.

How to Play, How We Keep Score

Here's the system, based on points:

  1. You will not get any points from a given game unless you pick the correct first Islanders goal scorer (2 points)
  2. If you pick the right assist(s), you get a point for each assist.
  3. If your stated time is closest to the real goal time (and you have the right scorer), you get a Bettman Bonus Point. While there can be multiple point-getters on any given night, only one person will collect for selecting the (almost) right time.

That's right, you can have a five-point night! But only if you get the goal scorer correct first.

To participate, simply record your pick in the FIG Pick thread (a Fanshot we post) for each game. Must have your pick in before the official game time. You can also pick the Islanders to be shut out.


Format: Nielsen (Okposo, Grabner) 21:40 ----> that means Frans scored from KO and Grabs at 1:40 of the 2nd period

That's [Goalscorer (assist 1, assist 2) TIME]

For accounting purposes, PLEASE USE THE CORRECT PLAYER NAME (i.e. no nicknames). If you don't use the last name and spell it correctly, we might miss it because we'll be doing a text search to find winners.

Finally, to help keep the thread clean, please look for your player in the thread. If someone has already picked your player and you wish to also pick him, make your pick by replying to that person. That way all the Okposos stay together, all the Hamonics stay together, etc.

Past FIG Season Champions
  • 2013-14: martylnd (39 points)

  • 2013 Playoffs: martylnd and mrs. mike in mi (tie with 5 points)

  • 2013-13: Zack779 (25 points)

  • 2011-12: Captdallas and skeeterman (tie with 41 pionts)

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