Tavares: They will $#!% on us until we win.


"Well, first off, I started dying laughing," John Tavares said, laughing again at the memory of his general manager cussing. "There's definitely a perception about the team here and people obviously have a right to their opinions, but being here every day, we know what we have and what we're working toward. We've made a lot of changes within the locker room; obviously, Garth added guys and made changes. We're driven to win and we're trying to find the right solution.

"We know we're not going to be getting a lot of publicity or a lot of hype from people, and that's fine. We just have to go about our business and do what we can do to get to where we want to be."

John Tavares on using Garth Snow's on-air s-bomb at the NHL Draft as a rallying cry for the season. (New$day $ub$criber$ Only)