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Michael Grabner Injury: Hernia surgery sidelines Islanders winger

But he had safe retrieval from the hospital.

Please, please tell me you can rebuild him.
Please, please tell me you can rebuild him.
Kevin C. Cox

The persistent injury that kept Michael Grabner out of most of training camp has been identified: the speedy winger and key penalty killer just had hernia surgery.

The initial (and creative, see below) report by Andy Strickland was confirmed by Islanders beatwriter Arthur Staple early Thursday evening. Grabner had already been placed on injured reserve for the season-opening roster.

Because of how much of Grabner's game comes from his league-elite speed, any groin or abdominal injury is a very big deal, and will need to be addressed and rehabbed carefully. The surgery part appears to be over and "successful," Strickland reported.

Now comes the rehab.

Four to six weeks? At Grabner speed, that's merely six days.

But seriously, that's a lot of time for the Islanders' hyper-competitive roster situation to have more twists, turns and fan hyperangst.