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Islanders News: Jive Turkeys, Tough Talk, Zamboni-odorant and, oh yeah, hockey games

No Roger, no Re-Run, no Islanders games yet.

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It's back.
It's back.
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The rumors were true: the NHL is back! But not for you, Islanders fan. You have to wait one more day. You can do it.

Islanders stuff

  • Griffin Reinhart is ready for his close-up. [New$day]
  • Having depth means players need to be ready or be replaced. Let's hope this is true beyond just preseason PR releases. [Islanders]
  • The Islanders are confident and ready to gain respect. [Daily News]
  • The players are looking to silence media criticisms they don't pay any attention to. [IPB]
  • By invoking violent imagery and using the phrase "turkeys" in a non-ironic way, Howie Rose opened up on Nassau County with both barrels during a radio hit on WFAN. [CBS NY and a FanShot]
  • John Tavares' road to recovery ends and the Islanders road to relevance begins. [Wall Street Journal]
  • AUDIO: The moment we were waiting for and wondering about happened last night when Garth Snow made an appearance on Rick DiPietro's ESPN radio show (co-host Alan Hahn was away). The results were disappointing in that it was a pretty standard Snow radio hit and Rick sounded like he was sticking to a script. I hope the sequel is better.
  • It's nice that this Bleacher Report writer thinks the Islanders are a contender this year, but looping in Frank Sinatra isn't quite right. I'm sure the Chairman of the Board spent some time swingin' on Long Island in his day, but he's known best for singing song about Manhattan and being from Hoboken. Next time, use Twisted Sister.
  • Dee Karl asks that we remember those caught in the middle of the Islanders-Nassau County arena wars - the folks who work at the Coliseum.
  • The Metro Divisions top 10 defensemen list at Japers Rink features one (1) brand new Islander.
  • And Garik predicts how the division will shake out using his numbers voodoo. [Hockey-Graphs]
  • Garik also evaluates the expected Islanders lines to see who is the Corsi-est. [Islanders Analytics]
  • Sound Tigers news: Kevin Poulin and David Leggio know their way around the crease. | Five questions for Bridgeport this season.
  • The Oshawa Generals are happy to have Michael Dal Colle back. [Durham Region]
  • Alumni Department: Jean Potvin, Bob Nystrom and Steve Webb took part in a charity golf outing. [Brooklyn Eagle] | Bruno Gervais is the captain of the Lake Eerie Monsters [Hockey Fights] | The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle adds Marty Reasoner to its Deans List and Honor Roll.
  • We've added a new Frans Nielsen-inspired t-shirt to our newly-revamped store. Also new: all the profits Lighthouse Hockey receives for the shirts will go directly to fund dementia research in the name of coach Al Arbour.


  • Last night's NHL Scores.The Canadiens drop the Leafs in the first game of the season and the Sharks shut out the champs at Staples.
  • Word on the street is that Chris Pronger is wanted by the Department of Player Safety, not on an outstanding warrant but as a decision-maker. This could be problematic in the sense that Pronger is still technically a Philadelphia Flyer. The Sporting News has a good rundown of the situation.
  • Dom on Pronger:

  • Friedman's 30 Thoughts have a lot on the current status of Martin Broduer and one bit on the current status of Garth Snow.
  • Brad Marchand is tired of trade rumors and would like to fight the media guys that are writing them. Hell of a way to start the season, dude. []
  • The Flyers have an analytics guy who shares a name with a prog rock legend. []
  • Meanwhile, the unemployment line for NHL goons is getting longer by the day. [USA Today]
  • Marc Bergevin went from rookie to savvy GM in the blink of a year. [EOTP]
  • Lyrical J.R. Lind takes some time out from watching the Royals' playoff run to set up the year in Conference III.
  • The most and least expensive tickets in the NHL. If you're in Florida, try to take in a Panthers or Lightning game. If you're in Toronto, take in a museum. [The Hockey News]
  • Speaking of the Maple Leafs, their new zamboni will leave the ice feeling clean and dry all day no matter how active it is. [SB Nation]