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Islanders News: Tradenado blows through Long Island, deposits treasures from Boston and Chicago

Just another lazy preseason Saturday.

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Now he's on your side.
Now he's on your side.
Paul Bereswill

I'm not saying you have to love them. I'm not saying you shouldn't have concerns. But the Islanders start today with a legit NHL roster. Let the games play and enjoy the ride.

Islanders news:

  • So the Islanders made a couple of trades yesterday. Maybe you heard. Dom, I'm assuming, did not see the light of day after about 1pm and had things covered: Boychuk rockets inLeddy leaves the nest | Behind the moves and reactions
  • We'll have more on the individual pieces, but we start with the least notable new Islander: goalie Kent Simpson, who came over from the Blackhawks with Nick Leddy. [LHH]
  • Larry Brooks gets all stream of consciousness on a million topics including, briefly, the Islanders moves.
  • Sportsnet's Chris Johnston on going all-in. And TSN's panel of Uncle Bob and Blue-eyed Marty Biron like the moves.
  • Our sister sites had a lot of process yesterday, too. Lurk, engage, but above all else be respectful. Second City Hockey | Stanley Cup of Chowder
  • Fun Fact: Nick Leddy and Aaron Ness were teammates at Minnesota. [Twin Cities]
  • Before Tradeageddon went down, the big Islanders news of the day was still sorta big on its own. Joshua Ho-Sang has signed his ELC and is officially, contractually an Islander. [LHH]
  • And even before that, USA Today's Kevin Allen talked to John Tavares and Kyle Okposo about whether a high payroll equates to winning in the NHL.
  • The Islanders also sent a bunch of dudes down to Bridgeport with no real surprises among them. To be assigned, David Leggio, Kevin Poulin, Mike Halmo, Aaron Ness and Harry Zolnierczyk had to be placed on waivers. We'll see who's still with the club at noon today. [Soundin Off]
  • VIDEO: Remember that sweet goal Kyle Okposo scored against the Bruins last Tuesday? Yeah, he's been working on it in practice. [Belfry Sports]
  • Stan Fischler talks about Derek Jeter's legacy and invokes Tavares as an heir apparent. [Daily Freeman]

Other teams who didn't blow up yesterday

  • The Blackhawks' day started in the weird place, when they signed "Gorilla Salad" Dan Carcillo to a one-year deal. Andrew Cieslak at The Committed Indian talks about what that move says about the Hawks.
  • ER doctors will be on hand at NHL games in case of scary Rich Peverely-like situations. [Yahoo!]
  • Ron MacLean and Gary Bettman don't always see eye-to-eye. And it might have cost MacLean a job. [Slam Sports]
  • Sad but true: for every kid that makes the NHL, there are dozens that don't. [Montreal Gazette]
  • Butbutbut... who's going to fight on the Flyers? []
  • Country superstar Vince Gill is going to be in the booth for a few Predators games this season. [On The Forecheck] So who should the Islanders bring in? Billy Joel? Mariah Carey? Debbie Gibson? My vote: Buck Dharma of Blue Oyster Cult.

An amazing find by Bleuchz: a Blackhawks fan's Pearl Jam inspired tribute to newest Islander Nick Leddy.