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New York Islanders beat out Winnipeg Jets for Nick Leddy

In their double-trade Saturday, the New York Islanders paid more for Nick Leddy than they did for Johnny Boychuk. Part of that is because Leddy is younger, and his rights are controllable for at least three more years; Boychuk, 30, will be an unrestricted free agent next summer.

But another reason could be the competition the Islanders had for Leddy. Winnipeg scribe Gary Lawless reports that the Jets had a "strong package" on the table for Leddy, as well as connections thanks to GM Kevin Cheveldayoff being a former Chicago employee.

Islanders prospect Ville Pokka, and the option to have TJ Brennan on a cap-friendly $600,000 salary, were apparently better than the Jets' "strong package." Not that Leddy is a "you will rue the day you trade me" kind of asset, but it probably doesn't hurt that this trade moves Leddy outside of Chicago's Central Division, where the Jets also play.