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New York Islanders Trade for Johnny Boychuk of Boston Bruins; Targeting Nick Leddy Too?

After targeting two teams needing to shed blueliners, the Isles struck a deal for the defenseman that sends two 2nd-round picks and a conditional 3rd to Boston.

You're on the same team!
You're on the same team!
Paul Bereswill

On a day when both teams looked to make roster moves to fit either cap or roster needs for the new season, the New York Islanders have acquired Johnny Boychuk from the Boston Bruins.

Arthur Staple of Newsday broke the news and trade details:

The conditional third is evidently in play only if the Isles flip Boychuk to an Eastern team.

Previously, Staple had reported that the Islanders were close to acquiring Nick Leddy -- another defenseman on a cap-crunched team in Chicago.

If Staples sources on the Leddy pursuit were correct, it appears the Islanders identified both teams needing to shed players who could boost their blueline, and made their pick.

UPDATE: Staple confirms Leddy is in too. Big deal for TJ Brennan, Ville Pokka and Anders Nilsson.]

Boychuk, 30, is due to be an unrestricted free agent next summer and is coming off a three-year deal with a cap hit of $3.67 million. That was too much for the Bruins, who didn't want to lose him, but who also couldn't fit everyone in after this year's salary cap increased by less than was expected last winter.

The Bruins' logjam is the Islanders' gain, and should be a great help to a green blueline that is already unsettled by some preseason injuries.

More to come as further details emerge.