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Islanders News: Pour one out for the preseason. By this time next week, it counts.

These aren't the Islanders you're looking for.

Fooled you! This isn't from last night's game.
Fooled you! This isn't from last night's game.
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Let's all forget last night's game, OK? Fortunately it was the preseason and we can do exactly that.

Islanders links

  • Recaps: Dom on the game, a scary hit to Brock Nelson and the looming cut down day. | Islanders official on a disappointing way to go out. | Soundin' Off on the game, plus the Swedes, and Johan Sundstrom's impressions of Camp Thompson vs. Camp Pellerin.
  • Arthur Staple's recap of the game and speculation on the Islanders' opening night roster.
  • Speaking of which, who is about do get waived? [LHH]
  • Josh Bailey's future with the Islanders is in a precarious position. [NY Post]
  • What can go wrong for the Islanders this season? You mean besides "everything?" [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Jack Capuano guests on the USA Hockey podcast possibly to talk about fishing. Or not.
  • The Islanders need to make the right choices not only for their roster, but for the Sound Tigers'. [Isles Talk]
  • In a shocking turn of events, new Coyotes suitor Andrew Barroway has suddenly dropped his lawsuit against Charles Wang for their stalled deal for the Islanders. Funny timing on that. [LHH] More on the possible sale of the Coyotes to Barroway. [Fox Sports AZ]. This whole sequence is another slick move by Smilin' Gary Bettman. [SB Nation]


  • The Flyers won't be breaking camp with a stonehanded goon on the roster for the first time since the Neolithic Era. [CSN Philly]
  • But do not face the wrath of Ron Hextall by trading in callous trade rumors. []
  • Olympian Hilary Knight had a spirited practice with the Anaheim Ducks on Friday and is helping promote hockey for girls. [Puck Daddy]
  • Your Western Conference injury round-up. [The Sporting News]
  • What could the NHL's divisions look like after relocation and expansion? Fun with maps! [tomfulery]
  • Stats are a touchy subject and I really don't want to start yet another debate. HOWEVER, this video from Russian Machine Never Breaks is a very fast (6 minutes) and very clear explanation of what the new metrics are trying to say. The main takeaway is that they're not all that fancy and are designed to provide context to the stats you already know.
  • The Bruins have a new scratch off Massachusetts Lottery ticket that's very Bruins-y. [Great satire by Stanley Cup Of Chowder]