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New York Islanders News: Go West, young men, and win

Last night ended poorly, but Travis Hamonic is awesome and Frans watches what you won't.

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The loss stunk, but always fun to see CDH in Physical Mode.
The loss stunk, but always fun to see CDH in Physical Mode.
Bruce Bennett

Good morning! The Isles are still in first place. /shoots self because because

Islanders Reads
  • The Isles lost at home, 4-3. We recapped it here and battle leveled it here. Chris captured the goalie zeitgeist here.
  • Okposo feels shame: "I didn't get the puck to the blue line and I lost my guy there." [Newsday]
  • As well he should: "Normally, in the minutes after a tough loss, Islanders coach Jack Capuano strolls out and tries to be the picture of calm, focusing on the positives in a dark situation. Well, not Tuesday night." [Post]
  • The great thing about hockey is everyone makes mistakes, and there's always another day.
  • In addition to being a divine being we can't understand, Frans Nielsen is also a brilliant student of the game. [Newsday]
  • Winnipeg loves Travis Hamonic. [Winnipeg Sun]
  • Hamonic loves the Coliseum. No seriously, he gets the Coliseum and its history. [Also Sun]
  • I am critical of the Islanders' top line in their defensive zone. But there's no denying the sweet music they can make in the offensive zone. [SB Nation]
  • Get Michael Grabner on the fourth line ASAP. [THW]
  • Are the alarming goals against a problem of a new system? Or same ol', same ol'? Or other? [TCL]
  • Travis Hamonic's discussions of his dad are pretty moving. I get why it's still so present for him. He discussed the E:60 process, and how he'd be on the farm if his dad was still around. [great TSN audio interview]
  • Eric Hornick goes into the last time Jaro Halak gave up four goals in consecutive games. I felt it then, too. [Skinny]
  • Dan went to the game last night. He had some thoughts and will have some more. [@cultureoflosing]
Beyond Halak Island

  • It's not polite to dance on the Sabres' grave, but the Leafs' grave is always good fun! [Globe and Mail]
  • It's not just that the Sabres are bad. Last night they were historically bad. Like, 10 shots bad. [Die by the Blade | SB Nation]
  • Of course, if Capuano's coaching that team, the ugliness is because he's a fool who is stupid and has no clue, amirite? But if it's Ted Nolan, he's a gritty great coach failed by bad players. /comment-forum-wisdom //thank-you-for-contributing
  • Speaking of online #hottake brilliance, it's fun to go back through the reactions to the Cory Conacher for Ben Bishop trade, via Arctic Ice Hockey. Remember: The more sweeping and declarative a statement is, the more infallible and worthy of #hottake excellence it is.
  • With apologies to Fatboy Slim, Vladimir Tarasenko is f#$%ing in heaven, #$%ing in heaven. [SB Nation]
  • Hockey fights domestic violence -- an idea to pick a player and give to the cause. [Hockey Fights DV]
  • Starting to feel like Columbus will be this year's "could have made it but injuries" team. Now Bob is out. [Cannon]
  • Report: MSG may split itself to "build shareholder value" or some such effluvia. Whatever, man, just let me know when the next Jimmy Dolan album comes out.
  • Yeah yeah Dougie Hamilton, but here is a ranking of the Bruins Halloween costumes. [SCOC]
  • The Hurricanes suck so STAAL TRADE RUMORS ROAR. [THW]
  • The "Boy on Ice" book on Derek Boogaard is -- wait for it -- a shocking look into the life of an enforcer. [On the Forecheck]
  • Your grandkids are going to look at you like you're insane when you talk about the time when there were enforcers who couldn't play NHL hockey but could fight, right?

Finally, for the love of PAP: