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Jack Capuano Post-Game: Happy with effort, forgiving of bounces in Islanders 7-5 win over Stars

The Islanders coach addressed the number of goals, overcoming momentum swings...and the Nassau Coliseum boards. Good luck with that last one.

The New York Islanders won a wild one at home, 7-5 over the Dallas Stars, the kind of final that you'd think might make a coach angry despite the two points.

But in the post-game, Jack Capuano was forgiving of the turnovers, appreciative of several things the Islanders did right, and respectful of the quality of the opponent.

Also, the legendary Coliseum glass came up. Video is above (or here at the official site), and we have some choice excerpts below. As always, you should watch the full thing for complete context and body language before making sweeping conclusions based on transcribed bits of a post-game interview.

Happy or no?

I thought we did some good things in the game. it was one of those games where for both teams the puck just seemed to find the back of the net.


I liked our penalty kill, the way they went after it.

Is this a new Isles team? Resilience and depth and such?

It was a game where two years ago, [the reaction after the lead changes] might've been different. Last year, we outplayed teams, we out chanced teams last year but lost the games. I give this team credit. This is one of the best teams we've faced … the firepower, we knew what they were going to do. We made some blunders with the puck, there's no question. … overall I'm pleased with the effort from our guys.


Like I told the guys in the room, we had some guys that didn't have their best nights, but we play as a team and pick each other up. … This goes back to training camp camp. We talked about how we would face adversity and it's about how we need to handle adversity. ... I'm seeing that game in and game out with this group.

Why can't the Coliseum boards/glass be on our side?

Stan Fischler, referring to the goal that made it 6-5 for Dallas:

You gotta fix those boards.

Capuano (with a smile):

Yeah, that's a good point. It's something that's been brought up to management. We gotta take care of that.

Bottom Line?

I'll take the W's.