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New York Islanders @ Pittsburgh Penguins [game thread]

Keep it goin'.

Someone's Jultzing!
Someone's Jultzing!
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight the top two teams in the Metro -- well, Columbus is in the picture too -- face off in Pittsburgh. They're also the top two power plays in the NHL at this early stage: Pittsburgh is 6-for-13 (46.2 percent), while the Isles are second at 6-for-14 (42.9 percent). Amusingly, both teams' PKs have been miserable, hovering at 60 percent.

Only one guy leads the league in scoring though.

Islanders (4-0) @ Penguins (3-1-0)
7 p.m. EDT | MSG+ | WRHU
[corporation or casino or something] Center
Fowl: PensBurgh

This is our first look at new Penguins coach Mike Johnston, who thus far has garnered praise for tweaking the Penguins' approach and making better use of their personnel. Of course, that's what they said about Dan Bylsma succeeding Michel Therrien once upon a time, and he won a Cup before becoming stupid again. The life of a coach.

The Islanders are without Mikhail Grabovski, who has been key to the success of the second line with Brock Nelson and Ryan Strome.

Win it for Grabbo.