Eye Test: 5 Things That Won't Change.

Flying together. - Bruce Bennett

The Eye Test will be a sometimes post sharing my thoughts and asking for your opinions based on things you think you see! No analytics allowed!

Two wins down. 96 wins to go.
Stat guys will tell you some of our success is unsustainable.
I'm here to tell you 5 things that will not change as the season goes on.
In no order whatsoever.

1. Power Play Stays In Top Five: Sure at some point Boychuk is going to have to stop shooting pucks in off Brock Nelson before his body falls apart like Mega Man. However, as Tavares showed last night if the other team's PK plays the point too close there is gonna be space out there and we have the skill up front to find it.

2. Josh Bailey, Frans Nielsen and Nikolay Kulemin Stay Together All Year: This is the line I have the most confidence in remaining together. Conacher has looked capable but not exception. Grabovski is a capable NHL center so could get moved from wing at some point. These three have shown great Battle Level and certainly play hockey the right way. Kulemin won me over big time last game. Bailey should have won me over but needs to prove consistency first. Frans does what he do.

3. Brock Nelson Stays At Center; Strome Stays at Wing; Both Fly Together: Brock Nelson continues to impress. He is the unstoppble force with which our newly formed second line will revolve around. Without checking the stats (that would be cheating nerd) he seems a lot better at faceoffs seemingly winning all the important ones. Strome on the other hand has improved his work along the boards. Forechecking is much improved and he has become excellent at the cycle. I think the Org wants to groom this duo together and with good reason.

4. Casey Cizikas Back To 2013 Playoff Form: Casey has looked good. As someone who was low on him last year he seems to be renewed. He is shooting more often and playing a good North-South game. He never lost the work ethic. Seems like he remembered he has the skill to be a bit more.

5. We Stay in the Bottom 10 of the league in PK: It will get better. It has to. We have some key players hurt. When you watch though... Carolina had time and space every time they had the puck. That's Carolina! A projected bottom team in the league. It will hurt us all year.

So tell me fellow LHH'rs. What are your small sample size observations that you think are a sign of things to come?

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