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[Back-to-Back Bits] One small step for the Islanders, one short flight back to Long Island

Once more, with feeling.

I can't carry you all the way back to Long Island, bruh.
I can't carry you all the way back to Long Island, bruh.
James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

That was fun. Let's see it again, but this time in the blue jerseys.

FIG picks for Game 2 can be left here.

Islanders links


  • Last night's NHL scores: You already know it, jack. It's on the front page of this site.
  • Chris Pronger was officially hired by the NHL Department of Player Safety, which is all kinds of weird and technically illegal under two sections of the CBA. [Broad Street Hockey | Canadian Press | Nick Cotsonika]
  • Andrew Barroway will finally get his team, the Arizona Coyotes. An agreement was reached that will make him the majority owner. [Coyotes]
  • The Penguins have a new and scary gameplan. [Sporting News]
  • Many hockey analytics folks have new jobs and too many good websites with them. [fivethiryeight]
  • It's not just about rebuilding. It's about rebuilding at the right time to get certain players. Starring your New York Islanders. []

Hoo boy. This is not a good look for ex-Islander Trevor Gillies. Playing now for the Adirondack Flames, he decided to use a guy's head to mime driving a tent stake into the ground with a rock. [Deadspin]