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New York Islanders @ Carolina Hurricanes [game thread]

Hockey-hockey-hockey, leu-eu-jah.

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

New York Islanders hockey is back! And this time, it should be meaningful!

Two games this weekend. A divisional home-and-home. Let's do this.

Islanders (0-0-0, last place in everything) @ Hurricanes (0-0-0, last place in everything else)
[People's National Committee] Arena
7 p.m. EDT | MSG+ | WRHU
Sailing at Half-Staal: Canes Country

Game Thread Comment Advice
  1. Be cool to each other.
  2. If posting images/gifs, please size down appropriately.
  3. No illegal stream links.
  4. Seriously, be cool to each other.
  5. From NDRE, a request for those who can't follow along on TV: If posting real-time observations (e.g. "nice read from Leddy, nice kaboom from Boychuk" put a slash (/) in front of your on-topic comment.
Things To Read While Not Reading
First Islanders Goal Picks

Leave your FIG Picks here by game time. Don't know what a FIG pick is? Check the rules here.