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Islanders News: Ragtag revolutionaries ruin righteous revelry

Report: Ryan Strome to be locked in tower, will not escape until his hair is long enough.

Hey, can you sit somewhere else, bro?
Hey, can you sit somewhere else, bro?
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

The Islanders somehow beat the Bruins in Boston and now bring the fight back home to Newark, Thursday night against the Devils. The Islanders will face the Bruins again Friday night at Bridgeport. Be there. It might be the only way to see the game.

Islanders notes

  • Recaps: LHH | New$day on Ryan Strome's camp and last night's game | Point Blank | Islanders
  • Eric Hornick is also in preseason mode and has a quick Skinny entry after the game.
  • Jack Capuano and Ryan Strome acknowledge that the latter needs to be better to make the roster. [New$day]
  • Elliotte Friedman's 30 Thoughts has several Islanders items, including Garth Snow on Josh Bailey, the 2009 draft, and why John Tavares is great. [Sportsnet]
  • In a fit of pique, the NHL's Governors decided to vote on approving the sale of the Islanders to Jon Ledecky and Scott Malkin at yesterday's board meeting. The motion was unanimous and the Islanders are "shooting" to have it finalized before the season starts. [LHH | | New$day]
  • Dom continues to torpedo our t-shirt sales numbers by talking about the goaltending. [Inside Jaro Halak Part II]
  • Garik talks psychology, preseason hockey, Anders Lee and Strome at Islanders Analytics.
  • The Sound Tigers are trying to build a winning tradition of their own. [Islanders]
  • Michael Willhoft at Islanders Insight formulates reasonable expectations for the Islanders' season. What is this "reasonable" you speak of, Earth man?
  • Down Goes Brown previews the upcoming season and puts the Islanders in the "Middle of the Pack" category. Hey, that's a start, right? [Grantland]

All Over The Place

  • The Oilers Oilered up another contract yesterday. This time, the ELC they signed impressive forward Vladimir Tkachev to was voided by the league due to a games played technicality. But before you point the finger at the front office, maybe someone else is to blame. [Edmonton Journal]
  • Bernier! Versus! Reimer! FIGHT! FINISH HIM! [Sportsnet]
  • Who were the best teams when down two goals? Jen LC investigates. [Committed Indian]
  • Eyes on the Prize gets micro to the max and looks at loose puck recoveries.
  • Former Islander Ty Wishart has signed with the Binghamton Senators. [SenShot]
  • Bad teams breed brilliant bloggers. [Sports Illustrated]
  • Former Whalers owner and movie producer Howard Baldwin has a new book coming out that outlines the team's wild history. [MetroNews]
  • The perils of a two-team existence can be hell on a marriage. [Arctic Ice Hockey]

Doug MacLean and his Sportsnet cronies yuk it up and say enough with the analytics already. Caution: May cause excessive head-desking.