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Islanders News: Goring with de Haan on Hamonic; Vanek on Long Island; Bridgeport PTOs

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Andrew MacDonald is a hidden fantasy, and Thomas Vanek says playing with John Tavares is okay.

Bruce Bennett

Good morning. Have you benched your franchise star because of a penalty lately? No? Good.

  • Butch Goring will discuss the hockey with you now (and with Calvin de Haan, about his pairing with Travis Hamonic and about the benefits of AHL grooming, and with Dave Langevin, about how the Isles didn't win Cups before their arrival nor after their retirements): NHL Talk Radio - The Butch Goring Show 01/08 by hockeythisweek
  • Dan Rosen's "five questions" piece with Vanek touched on possible contract talks. Not out of the question, at least. [NHL]
  • Andrew MacDonald has fantasy value [NHL]. Which can be interpreted a few different ways, actually.
  • Just when the Isles players have insisted for the umpteenth time they don't want to talk about last year, Arthur Staple says...they're finally playing like last year. [Isles File$]
  • Musings: Can Kevin Poulin pick up for Evgeni Nabokov during this quad injury? [IPB] It's time to sign Thomas Vanek. [EOI]

If you've attended Isles warmups you've seen this before, but it is John Tavares, magician:

Bridgeport Sound Tigers

A couple of PTOs, Mike Cornell and Chris Langkow, are making a mark for the Sound Tigers.

The Sound Tigers are doing a goals for groceries program.

Meanwhile, get to know captain Chris "brute brute" Bruton, who is learned:

The Rest of the Joint

Lots of fun from around the league last night, including:

  • This is Henrik Lundqvist allowing an awful goal to an awful player. Alas, Smurfs still won on a late goal.
  • This is Scott Hartnell somehow not scoring on an open net, with the post serving as a fulcrum to launch him off his feet. Alas, the Flyers still won their 10th straight home game.
  • Again, the Sabres are expected to name their next general manager...through a reality TV show [PGI @ SBN]
  • This is "A Tale of Two Riverboat Gamblers," but neither is Brett Favre, the ol' gunslinger. (It's actually Jack Johnson vs. Dustin Byfuglien. Short version: Buff is worth the risks, Johnson is not.)
  • By the way, Johnson is not happy with anyone involved in the USA decision right now. Which, I mean, he shouldn't have made the team, but the least they could do is call him rather than let him find out on TV. They really botched all that.
  • On the possible decision-making of Team Canada going "safe" with Kunitz for Crosby. [The Score]
  • They really shouldn't build Olympic rosters with NHL constraints. [SB Nation]

You know how many of us give Jack Capuano a hard time, and then some of us look elsewhere to see what other scrutinized NHL coaches are doing? This was something...

Michel Therrien benched P.K. Subban in the first half of the third period with the Habs down 3-1. Subban is good.

Still down 3-1, the Habs had a power play at the end, but then what's the point?

Just don't ask that too often or the rest of the Trek convention will be a bummer.