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[Back-to-Back Gameday Bits] Going Away Party Over. Time to Hit the Road

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Hoping the Islanders saved some goals for the road trip.

Bruce Bennett

Enjoyed last night's game, did you? Good. Remember those feelings. Because it's back to work tonight in Toronto. But don't worry. It's not a big hockey town.

FIG picks for tonight's game against the Maple Leafs can be placed here.

Islanders stuff:

  • Recaps: LHH | New$day | NY Post | IPB | Islanders | Defending Big D
  • That was fast: Evgeni Nabokov on IR, Anders Nilsson on emergency recall from The Bridge. Which means it's time to test the biggest weakness again.
  • The hat trickin' Skinny from Eric Hornick. The career-high nine game point streak for Thomas Vanek is currently the longest in the NHL.
  • In other happy Islanders news, Kyle Okposo and his wife welcomed a new baby girl yesterday. []
  • John Tavares isn't sweating the whole "being named to Team Canada at the Olympics" thing like his good buddy P.K. Subban probably is. []
  • Awkward: playing against NHL teammates at the Olympics. [New$day]
  • Seen in the comments yesterday, but worth seeing again: Anders Nilsson a fan in an Anders Nilsson jersey catches an errant puck at a Sound Tigers game without dropping his baby. Nice one, dad. [Puck Daddy]
  • Elliotte Friedman's 30 Thoughts column includes some notes about Tavares, including his reaction to the Moulson/Vanek trade. [30 Thoughts]
  • NEW! Five questions with Thomas Vanek covers his adjustment to the Islanders, his contract status and the Austrian Olympic hockey team. One thing about the man, he is blunt:

"I don't think we can compete with Canada or Finland, but again, you go in there with a good attitude, have fun with it and see what comes out of it. Hey, it could be worse."


  • Last night's NHL scores. Blue Jackets top Rangers in OT, Habs beat PantherZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
  • Today is the day Team Canada gets named and hockey Twitter (probably) explodes with the cosmic force of a thousand suns. You can watch the announcement live on Sportsnet or just wait for the plumes of white smoke. Here's their final preview video.
  • Rosters for Switzerland, Slovenia and the Czech Republic were named yesterday. If you were missing watching Peter Nedved play in the NHL, you're in luck. He'll be suiting up for the Czechs in Sochi. Sorry, Dom.
  • Tyler Myers received a three-game suspension for trying to decapitate Dainius Zubrus. [NHL DOPS]
  • Via Japers' Rink Twitter (and comments): a chart of year-to-date PDO for the Metro Division teams. The Islanders line looks like a crooked smile, taunting us.
  • Sports Illustrated checks on their first half predictions. Islanders appear as "Biggest Disappointment" in two of them and Garth Snow gets put in the hot seat for the second half of the season.
  • Finally, the complete story of Taro Tsujimodo and the genius prankster who brought him to life. Really take the time to read this one. It's gold. [Sports on Earth]
  • Also gold: Harrison Mooney's slow jam "Ex-Head Coach," which puts all that coach-speak nonsense in a context you never thought possible.