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[Gameday Bits] The Ballad of Bobby Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Also, the Islanders.

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First a snowstorm, now the Hurricanes. Next week: locusts.

"Hammer, are you wearing AXE? Gotdang, dude!"
"Hammer, are you wearing AXE? Gotdang, dude!"
Bruce Bennett

The Carolina Staal Family Hurricanes blow into Nassau Coliseum tonight. But 22 tropical storms still can't equal the powerful wind power of one Brian Burke.

FIG picks for tonight can be filed here.

Islanders links:

Bobby Ryan Blowout:

More has been written about Bobby Ryan in the last three days than in his entire career. In the latest episode, Team USA general manager David Poile tried to put out the fires that muckety-muck Brian Burke started with his dragon-like hot air by apologizing publicly to Ryan and to basically slap the onus on the writers - Scott Burnside and Kevin Allen - for printing supposedly off-the-record quotes on the record.

Just about everyone with a platform has chimed in on this one, so here's a cross section if you're interested: Sean Gentille of the Sporting News says the Ryan Affair teaches everyone valuable lessons, SI's Alan Muir puts the blame on Poile for not understanding what "full access" means, Ken Campbell says everyone needs to calm the hell down, Sportsnet's Mark Spector says the hockey world needs to let the writers write and makes his point mainly by talking about Mark Spector, and Laura of Puck Drunk Love and St. Louis Game Time says the hockey world is probably too far off the rails as it is. Unfortunately.

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