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Lighthouse Photo Gallery: Images from Islanders-Rangers at Yankee Stadium

It may have been unbearably, inhumanly, oppressively cold, but the Stadium Series game (and preceding Lighthouse Hockey meetup) made for some great pictures.

Well, we didn't die.

That was my big takeaway from the Stadium Series game at Yankee Stadium on Wednesday night. At one point in the third period, with the Islanders down 2-1, legs aching and fingers going slightly numb, Keith said, "now, it's just a survival thing."

Yes, it was extremely cold out there, to the point where following the game was secondary to keeping one's senses about them. We had already lost Chris for a while in the first period when he went searching for a heat source, hot chocolate and a room that had actual doors that could be closed. He, Keith and myself huddled around a warm water pipe like Depression Era hobos during the second intermission. Even Mark's Ranger fan baiting had been dialed back just a little as the chills got worse.

By the third period, I had heat packs in every pocket, in both boots and both gloves and felt not a lick of heat coming out of any of them. I'll be returning the unused ones to Modells soon, possibly with a court order.

I give credit to those fans who were still rockin' and screamin' and drinking beers with bare hands deep into the game. As Chris and I agreed, we're not normally like those guys and a game like this wasn't going to turn us into them. But I admire those that can be in full throat for 60 full minutes in the arctic air.

However, when your fingers were capable, the outdoor NHL games did make for some extraordinary photos. This is a collection of mine, Mike's (ICanSeeForIslesAndIsles) and Mark's pictures. Hover over them for captions.

The pics also include shots of our all-too-short meetup at Stout in New York City. We need to do more of these.