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[Islanders News] Now back to indoors, and trade possibilities

For the Isles, impending reality is even colder and more bitter than Yankee Stadium last night.

The Islanders' "home" rink.
The Islanders' "home" rink.

Good morning. Can you feel your extremities yet? Last night was an event in itself. Selfishly for us behind Lighthouse Hockey, it was also a chance for most of the crew to get together and take in the game while freezing enough to slur speech. Look for photos from Dan later.

  • Recaps from last night: LHH | Newsday | Post | Times | IPB
  • Video of reactions from Jack Capuano, John Tavares and Evgeni Nabokov.
  • Or textual version if you prefer. [NHL]
  • Nabby was solid in his first start in nearly a month. [Post]
  • The Isles rue their missed chances. [NHL]
  • In Josh Bailey's final Stadium Series blog, he talks about the overall experience and Nabokov's calm demeanor. [NHL]
  • Thomas Vanek and the Isles are nearing a decision. What that decision is hasn't been determined yet: "We continue to have what I consider very good and constructive conversations with the Islanders. But we're not there yet." [Newsday]
  • Also in the air: Andrew MacDonald's future [New$sday]
  • Vanek on Tavares: "When you’re on with one of the best centers in the world, you learn to get it done," Vanek said. "I’ve worked hard to figure out his game, trying to find holes so he can find me." [Times]
  • Chris King's fun year in the broadcast booth. [IPB]
  • Evgeni Nabokov: "You never really know [about playing outdoors] until you're out there and see that great atmosphere. I loved every second of it." [@NYIslanders]
  • Isles organist Paul Cartier also dug the chance to play at Yankee Stadium in winter. [Times]
  • The Post's Brett Cyrgalis will hear none of this PDO business.
  • Last night's scores. The Sharks attempted 100 shots, but Ben Scrivens stopped 59 of them -- an NHL record in a shutout.
  • Trade rumors swirl around Ryan Callahan. [Post]
  • Former ref Paul Stewart's take on Mike Milbury behind the bench is hilarious and appropriate in so many ways: "It's not that Milbury is a dumb guy. He is just not as smart as he thinks he is. He believes he's stating a case but ends up coming off as a blowhard, a bully or a buffoon. His big mistake is to believe that yelling louder and being more verbally abusive than the next guy means he won the debate." [Hockey Buzz]
  • If the Sabres pick #1, do they take another defenseman in Ekblad? [Copper & Blue mock draft]
  • Dallas Eakins tweets his scratches, and another media thing is to be thought. [Edm Journal]
  • Why can't the Kings score? [SB Nation]
  • Yeah, well, they're the Arizona Coyotes now (or soon). [Coyotes]