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Islanders Check out Digs at Yankee Stadium before Outdoor Practice

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The Islanders invade Yankee Stadium to get their bearings ahead of Wednesday's pond hockey.

Well this is certainly a thing.
Well this is certainly a thing.
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It may be 20 degrees with a wind chill in the teens, but the New York Islanders are going to get their taste of outdoor skating at Yankee Stadium today ahead of Wednesday night's "Stadium Series" game with the New York Rangers.

Temperatures tomorrow night are expected to be in the teens -- no help from the sun then, but also no glare either, which was a complaint from Sunday's Rangers-Devils game and caused the start to be delayed.

It's good for the Isles to at least get an initial feel for the ice and the temperatures. Whether it's in a player's head or not, Jaromir Jagr is among those weary of the weather's effect, fearing that the temperatures fueled his calf injury in a Winter Classic with Philadelphia a few seasons ago.

The Islanders official Twitter is one of many media platforms hyping up the game (looks awkwardly at self), sharing some photos to set the scene.

Here is the view from the first base dugout:

And here is the Isles locker room, all Yank-ified but with their new jerseys designed for this game:

Finally (for now), the Austrians -- including newly named Team Austria captain Thomas Vanek -- snap some shots to share with the Olympians back home:

And lining up to take the ice, bundled up no doubt:

And after practice, the skate with the family:


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