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Bridgeport: John Persson Gets 1st Pro Hat Trick, Ryan Strome Gets 1st Pro Fight

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At least there are no complaints about the sun's glare on the ice.

"But if I have to pick, then it's poem."
"But if I have to pick, then it's poem."
Mike Stobe

The Bridgeport Sound Tigers capped a perfect weekend (3-0, though the first via shootout) with a remarkable one Sunday at home to Syracuse.

Bridgeport lost the lead three times on the way to a 6-5 win, but two things stand out, explained in Michael Fornabaio's post-game reports:

  • One: "Syracuse tied it three times. Each time, Bridgeport had a quick answer, within three minutes. And actually, each time, it was Persson..." (How unlike the parent team, that.)
  • Two: Ryan Strome got jumped by Cedric Paquette after grabbing the puck for John Persson's first pro hat trick.


The fight followed earlier chaos, as Mike Halmo laid a big hit on Paquette shortly after Syracuse tied it 5-5. The reaction to that hit got Anders Lee into a fight as well. (It was the ensuing power play that allowed Bridgeport to retake the lead, and for good.)

Evidently Syracuse was in a foul mood, dropping three games over the weekend to fall to the bottom of the Eastern Conference.

Scott Pellerin called it "bush league." Play-by-play man Phil Giubileo's play-by-play called it "a gong show on ice."

Salient run-of-show from Fornabaio:

So Ryan Strome picked up the puck from Persson’s hat trick. They celebrated. They started toward the bench. And then… "I really don’t know," Strome said. "Bouch (Pierre-Marc Bouchard, who may’ve taken a whack to start it off) said something to the guy, and everyone just started pushing."

More at his blog, and in the gamer proper for the paper.

Isles Enforcers, as always, has videos of all the brawling, including Strome's:

Full Game Highlights: Sound Tigers 6, Syracuse Crunch 5