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[Gameday Bits] Sky rockets in flight, afternoon delight

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Islanders chase matinee blues.

C'mere, big guy!
C'mere, big guy!
Bruce Bennett

A trip from New Jersey to Manhattan to Long Island can be a fun and luxurious adventure. In June, not January and not in a snowstorm. With a little luck, the Blues are just sick to death of this place and want to go the hell home.

Leave your FIG picks for TODAY'S AFTERNOON game here. Must be in before game time.

Islanders bits:

  • Dom's early preview of today's game. He kinda knows the Blues pretty well for some reason.
  • The Islanders need to hold on to leads better. Let's make it a rule. [New$day]
  • And if you're going to the game, please donate a coat at the Coliseum. Three coats gets you a ticket to an upcoming game. Not bad. [Islanders]
  • New dad Kyle Okposo has been on a tear. Must be all those diaper changes. [NY Post]
  • Syosset native and Penguins defenseman Rob Scuderi grew up an Islanders fan and shares his memories of Nassau Coliseum. [Post-Gazette]
  • Day Three of the Islanders Lighthouse Tournament. It's an all Finnish final. [Islanders]
  • John Tavares isn't sweating the security in Russia during the Olympics. Lots of bad stuff going on over there right now. [Point Blank]
  • The Sound Tigers beat Portland 4-3 in a shootout last night with Ryan Strome tying the game with 20 seconds to go. Captain Chris Bruton was out, so Anders Lee wore the "A" for the first time this season. Pierre-Marc Bouchard and Alan Quine scored in the shootout.

Stadium Series Stuff:

  • Today's Ducks-Kings game at Dodger Stadium isn't the first time the NHL has played an outdoor game in hot weather. Picture it: a parking lot in Las Vegas, 1991... [Sportsnet]
  • Yankee Stadium is getting ready for its hockey debut. [New$day]
  • The entertainment for the New York games includes Michelle Williams (the Destiny's Child one. Not the Dawson's Creek one), Southside Johnny and Asbury Jukes and rotund falsetto Cee-Lo Green. []
  • Meet HockeyBird, the NHL's latest shameless attempt at getting kids into hockey without just letting them watch hockey. [Puck Daddy]


  • Last night's NHL scores. Wild night in Alberta. The Oilers dropped their sixth straight, losing to the Coyotes at home and the Flames gave up four (4!) goals to Islanders progeny Eric Nystrom but rallied for a shootout win.
  • The Habs lost again and things are très mauvais in Montreal. At Eyes on the Prize, Andrew wonders if mid-season coaching changes even work and Laura is just straight up pissed off.
  • Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau signed contract extensions with the Sharks. Good team, good players, good for Fear the Fin.
  • Is it time for the Capitals to trade Mike Green? Nope, not yet. [Japers Rink]
  • Wayne Gretzky talks to Conan O'Brien about stuff. []
  • As you may have heard, there are some Lighthouse Hockey shirts available for purchase. Want to know why there are no players or coaches pictures are on them? Because you can get into big trouble with the teams, like these #FreeTorts guys did with the Canucks. [Globalnews]
  • The next time you check out a Florida Panthers game, make sure you slide out of this giant animal's rectum. [SB Nation]
  • Down Goes Brown's weekly grab bag includes bestowing some much needed love onto EA Sports' NHL 95. [Grantland]
  • Non-hockey, but spot on nonetheless: Drew Magary in GQ magazine explains how to be a TRULY CLASSY pro athlete.