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[Video] Vanek and Martin's Goals vs. the Rangers Show...John Tavares is Good.

In admiration of Johnny T's Superman assists.

Thomas Vanek's game-winning goal in Tuesday night's 5-3 win against the New York Rangers was awesome -- a nice bit of skill from him in tight, kicking the puck up to his forehand to slip it around Rangers goalie Cam Talbot.

It was a nice set play by the Isles too, Frans Nielsen working the puck from the point, to a touch pass from John Tavares in the slot, down low to Vanek who arrived just in time.

But none of it would have happened without John Tavares pulling off some of his trademark magic before all that.

In what could have easily been a zone clearance by the Rangers, Tavares instead chased down the puck on the half boards, won it between two penalty killing Rangers, and spun away so that none of them could defend his pass across the high slot to Nielsen. Watch the video above to see his in-a-phonebooth move.

Or watch the video below to remind yourself it was his second "phonebooth" assist of the game. Here he is spinning around for the assist on Matt Martin's first-period goal:

Cherish your Tavares. He is a rare and special thing.