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[Gameday Bits] Rally Monday & somebody left the Katz* open

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* - it's pronounced "kates." Get it.

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Clawing back
Clawing back
Bruce Bennett

The only team in the NHL more comfortable down two goals than leading by two goals travels to Manhattan to face the Rangers tonight. The National Guard has been alerted.

FIG picks for tonight's game can be registered here.

Islanders links:

Around the boards:

  • Yesterday's NHL scores. The Penguins nearly two month home winning streak was snapped by a loss to... the Panthers?
  • Canucks coach John Tortorella was suspended for 15 days (Vancouver's next six games) for going nuclear in Sunday's fight-filled game against Calgary. Flames coach Bob Hartley was dinged for $25,000, too. [SB Nation]
  • Tortorella and Hartley have a shared past, dating back to the AHL and some bad facial hair. [Democrat and Chronicle]
  • Remember when Seahawks defensive back and Ivy League orator Richard Sherman scared the beejeezus out of America and Erin Andrews on Sunday? Sean Gentille of The Sporting News thinks the NHL could use some Richard Sherman.
  • On that note, Everybody Hates the Canucks. [Nucks Misconduct]
  • The short list for Pension Plan Puppets Mittenstringer of the Year Award is up. Read the finalists and taste the pretentiousness.
  • Today in "Stuff you thought happened already," the Dallas Stars announced they will retire Mike Modano's No. 9 jersey on March 8th versus Minnesota (of course). [Stars]
  • Oilers owner Daryl Katz (or some intern of his) wrote a letter to Edmonton fans thanking them for their support this season and vowing to stay the course blah blah blah. Which is exactly what the Copper and Blue folks want to hear.
  • Eric Morris on elbow injuries like the one keeping David Clarkson on the shelf. [Undisclosed Injury]
  • NHL OYO figures! They're like LEGOS. Only Original Six teams and players are available now, but more are coming.

From Sunday, Lubomir Visnovsky returns to practice. "I feel like a hockey player again."